TwoTimesBeer originated from a shared passion for beer and the desire to create a place where beer enthusiasts from all over the world can come together. We are two brothers-in-law who always talk about beer during the holidays and birthdays.

We want to share this shared passion with everyone. We believe there is a need for an online platform where beer lovers from all corners and with all backgrounds could connect through a passion. A place where they can talk about their favorite beers, share new discoveries and where newcomers were welcome to ask questions and learn more about the fascinating world of beer. With this vision in mind, we began establishing our beer community.

We are proud of TwoTimesBeer, because it is what we envisioned. It has grown into a place where beer lovers come together to learn, share, and enjoy. Together we have built a vibrant community that extends across countries and cultures with the shared love for beer as the binding factor.

So come join us and become part of the story. Together we can let this beer community flourish and inspire even more people to discover the wonderful world of beer. Cheers to everything that is and what is yet to come!

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